The Neville Young Group

The Vinery, Johnston Street , Annandale Sydney

Sunday Jazz at Vinery, Annandale. 1.30pm-Sunday Owner Joseph Moussa began his cooking career at the tender age of seventeen, when he discovered an inner passion for all things culinary.

Cooking in some of Sydney’s best restaurants, Joseph had the opportunity to explore the exciting world of food with our city’s most prominent Chefs. Of course, with cooking wonderful food, came the chance to engage in a new passion, wine. Vinery foods opened its doors in July 2011, with a simple mantra ─ quality food and wine !

Vinery is a casual eating house offering an unpretentious dining experience, allowing the quality of our food, wine and service to shine. The Neville-Young Group is a band from Sydney led by vocalists Rebekka Neville, Michael Finnigan-Young, and band leader Michael Storey. Their arrangements are adaptations borrowing from jazz, gospel, funk and pop, which they like to call Spin Jazz.