Sydney Jazz Singers Workshop

A wonderful opportunity to unleash your inner jazz voice. The program is a two hour per week group class held over 6 weeks in Ashfield. The course (open to all levels) is designed to help the budding jazz singer develop their vocal and musical skills. In the final week of the course, each singer will get the chance to perform a tune with a professional jazz trio!

Sydney Jazz Singers Workshop (Term 2)

Week 1:

Vocal Exercises: Breath support and air flow using diaphragmatic and tidal breathing. What and how are the muscles used? Why is breath support and airflow so important in singing?

On the Gig: Communicating to the band - intros, endings, solos and how to come back in.

Song of the Week: All of Me (Medium Swing). We’ll introduce basic rhythmic ideas and guide tones over this standard to enhance improvisation skills.

Week 2:

Vocal Exercises: Using fricatives to balance airflow and to support the vocal folds.

On the Gig: Jam Etiquette. Staying calm and being prepared. How to stand and deliver!

Song of the Week: It Don’t Mean a Thing (Uptempo Swing). What are some techniques for keeping relaxed at fast tempos? Bringing guide tones and rhythmic displacement into scatting.

Week 3:

Vocal Exercises: Further exploration of fricatives over arpeggios.

On The Gig: Creating a connection with the audience. Combining preparation and spontaneity in performance. Introducing movement onstage.

Song of the Week: The Girl from Ipanema (Bossa Nova). Understanding syncopation and negotiating key changes.

Week 4:

Vocal Exercises: Introduction of twang to help smooth out breaks when transitioning between different registers. Applying twang exercises using primal sounds.

On The Gig: Different styles of gigs. Guest spots, corporate shows and concert performances.

Song of the Week: Stormy Monday (Slow Blues). Adding blues inflections and growls.

Week 5:

Vocal Exercises: Vocal rehabilitation. Using gliding and sirens and adding sob quality to the vocal blend to rejuvenate a hoarse, tired voice.

On the Gig: Putting together killer set lists that suit the length of the show, size of the room and type of audience.

Song of the Week: Georgia (12/8). Working on dynamics to give shape to your performance and leave the audience wanting more.

Week 6:

On the Gig: Setting up the P.A.

Showtime!: The chance to perform with Sydney's leading jazz pros! Let’s get inside the lyrics and the music and remember to have fun!